Walking The Beat Matthew Meets Sarah (VIDEO)

Walking The Beat / Matthew Meets Sarah Driving Home on Maltman Ave. in "The Junction" one afternoon I stopped to speak with Sarah Arnold. She is an Artist who sets up her easel and oils on the side of the road and paints Landscapes. Sarah is a free spirit . . just watch.

When moving into a new area it’s nice to know about recent home sales and the average price per square foot. But how do you really gauge a neighborhood? By who lives there . . . works there . . . who shops and eats there . . . Who are your neighbors?
With “Walking The Beat” I attempt to get a little bit closer to the actual heart and soul of our fair City.
This is Sarah. She is an artist I had the pleasure of meeting only recently, although I have seen her around for years. She just sets up her easel and oils at the top of Maltman Avenue in Silver Lake and paints. Sarah loves all the views, perspectives, and colors that the hills have to offer.

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