Walking The Beat / Matthew Meets Ruth (VIDEO)

Walking The Beat / Matthew Meets Ruth

Every Saturday my girlfriend and I walk to the neighborhood Farmer’s Market with one solid aim. To score the tastiest Pupusas on The Planet . . . and then perhaps grab some flowers, fruit, and some baklava.
Originally from El Salvador Ruth stays true to her Mother’s recipe, choosing to name her business Delmy’s Pupusas in her honor. She makes her tasty treats from scratch, her salsa, cabbage slaw and fruit drinks as well. Mmmmmmmmmm!
Without my Delmy’s Pupusas on Saturday mornings my weekend would remain in a word . . . incomplete. Join me at The Silver Lake Farmer's Market this week as I converse with Ruth Sandoval. Super Star on the grill . . . Master and of The Pupusa!

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