Open House Security Tips For Sellers


Home sellers may have their work cut out for them when it comes to the open house, but even those who believe they have fully prepared to welcome potential homebuyers may have missed a few simple steps. After the furniture has been arranged and the kitchen has been updated, it may be good to take a few small steps to make a home more inviting and safe.
One thing some home sellers may neglect to consider is what to do with their valuables during the open house. While the REALTOR may be present, they cannot be everywhere at once, so it may be wise to find a secure place to store some possessions, suggests.
Homeowners should also pack away bills, bank statements, check books and any other documents with their personal information on them, the source explains. This should also include any birth certificates and social security cards for all family members.
For added protection, sellers may want to request sign-in sheets that ask open house attendees for their name and contact information, officials recommend. Individuals may feel more accountable for their behavior when they give their names, and therefore may treat a home better.

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